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We created our programs to teach you how to discover and develop your Expanded Orgasm and Expanded Lovemaking capacity rapidly and effectively--and to have a lot of fun learning! Yet many of our students have asked for more: They want to go for mastery.

If you're eager to learn at a faster pace with me "at your side," then I invite you to the Expanded Lovemaking and Expanded Orgasm Coaching program! We'll work together to design coaching that meets your needs, pace, and schedule.

I and my teaching partners offer a 21-day Expanded Lovemaking Coaching Companion Program and Observational Couples Coaching, as well as individual coaching sessions.

Is Expanded Lovemaking Coaching is right for us?

  • You are in a basically healthy relationship
  • Even though you enjoy the pleasurable connection of lovemaking and orgasm, you sense there is much more to learn--and you are excited by that possibility
  • You're ready to invest the time and attention needed to take your lovemaking and orgasmic capabilities to the next level...and the one after that...and beyond!

Questions? You can get idea of what's involved from my book, Expanded Orgasm. If you think coaching may be right for you, please contact me by e-mail at I offer serious candidate couples a complementary 15-minute Q&A phone session. 

The 21-day Expanded Lovemaking Coaching Companion Program

I will join you thruoghout your 21-day program to guide, give feedback, and customize and expand the program to meet your needs, goals, and timing (I recognize that most couples prefer to linger in the program more than 21 days!). Coaching includes:

  • 90 min initial coaching strategy session
  • Three 60 min progress coaching sessions during your 21-day program
  • One 60 min follow-up session about a month after your 21-day program
  • Weekly scheduled e-mail check-in coaching while in your 21-day program

Coaching sessions are usually conducted by phone or Skype, but some couples find one or more in-person sessions to be of great value.

Fee: $750 (add $50 per in-person session hour)

Required materials (not included in coaching fee):

  • Expand Her Orgasm Tonight! 21-day Program (e-course)
  • Expanded Orgasm: Soar to Ecstasy at Your Lover's Every Touch 2d edition (softcover or Kindle)
  • Expand Her Orgasm Tonight! (DVD)

Observational Couples Coaching

Many couples find in-person coaching very powerful in accelerating their learning and Expanded Lovemaking/ Expanded Orgasm competence. Through discussions and direct of your practice of giving and receiving expanded pleasure, I provide richly-detailed feedback and exploration in a safe and relaxed enviornment.

Your observational coaching program includes:

  • 90 min (phone or Skype) initial coaching strategy session
  • One or more 2-hour in-person sessions
  • Two 60 min (phone or Skype) progress sessions
  • One 60 min (phone or Skype) follow-up session about a month after the last progress session
  • Weekly scheduled e-mail check-in coaching while in your program

 Fees: $150 per hour telephone/Skype session. $200 per hour in-person session. I am located in Northern California. Fly-in couples often find it beneficial to block-schedule in-person sessions as two days structured as 3 hours coaching - several hours break - 2 hours coaching. Fee for two-day in-person block coaching (about 10 hours): $1800.

Hourly coaching (not as part of the above package programs):

  • $150 per hour phone or Skype
  • $200 per hour in-person (strongly recommend 2 hour minimum for best results)
  • Includes e-mail Q&A