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Margot Anand

The Three Keys to Orgasmic Energy
Founder, SkyDancing Tantra; Author, The Art of Sexual Ecstasy
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Andrew Harvey

The Return of the Divine Feminine
Tantric Mystic and Founder, Institute for Sacred Activism
Author, The Hope, The Direct Path, Son of Man, etc
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Ian Kerner, PhD

Arouse and Thrill Her With Foreplay, Coreplay, and Moreplay
Author, She Comes First, and He Comes Next
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Drs. Steve and Vera Bodansky

Experiencing Quantum Leaps in Pleasure with Extended Massive Orgasms
Authors,  Extended Massive Orgasm
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Mantak Chia

Cultivating Energy For Healing, Sexual Bliss, Lovemaking and Transcendence with Mantak Chia
Author/Co-Author, Multi-Orgasmic Man, Multi-Orgasmic Woman
The Cosmic Inner Smile, The Cosmic Healing Sounds
The Multi-Orgasmic Couple and more.
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Nicole Daedone

Orgasmic Meditation: Clitoral Communion for Shared Pleasure,
Sensation, and Awareness
Founder of OneTaste Urban Retreat Center
Creator of Orgasmic Meditation
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Richard "Anton" Diaz

How Men can become Great Orgasmic Providers through Taontric Massage
Founder and CEO of Sexy Spirits and Creator of Taontric Massage
Certified Taoist Instructor
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Gary Douglas

Sex is Not a Four Letter Word
Founder, Access Energy Transformation
Author, Sex is Not a Four Letter Word, but Relationship Often Is
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Erwan Davon and Alicia Bayer

Turning On! with Sex, Love, and Attention
Founders, The Pleasure Course
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Lucas Hopkins

Flirt, Tease, and Arouse, In and Out Of the Bedroom
Gifted Photographer and Master Creator of Passionate Delights
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Daka Raj 

Guide Exquisite Lovemaking with Knowledge of the Mind
Kashmiri Shaivist Tantrika and Practitioner of Expanded Orgasm
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Moses Ma 

Neo-Taoist Perspectives on Health and Sexuality:
Orgasms, Bliss, Tantra TV, Teachers, Technology, Transcendence, and More
Neo-Taoist Practitioner
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Charles Muir and Leah Alchin

The Inner Secrets of Sacred Spot Massage, guest host Richard Anton Diaz
Founder, Source School of Tantra,
The Inner Secrets of Sacred Spot Massage
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Daniel Odier

Tantra’s Path to Embodied Bliss
PhD, Founder
Author, Desire: The Tantricic Path to Awakening
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Gary Schubach

Real Female Ejaculations (aka squirt or squirting) & G-Spot Orgasm Ed.D.,
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Kenneth Ray Stubbs

Sacred Orgasm
PhD, Author, Erotic Massage; President, Secret Garden Publishing
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Patricia Taylor, PhD

Guest host Richard Anton Diaz

Expanded Orgasm: A Bliss Path to Orgasm, Intimacy, and Awakening
Founder of
Author, Expanded Orgasm - Soar to Ecstasy at Your Lover's Every Touch
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Erika Thost, MD

Prostate Massage: a Fun and Sexy Path to Pleasure
Founder of
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Ray Vetterlein

Great Orgasms - Psychic Energy vs. Physical Technique
Pleasure and Relationship Coach, and Practitioner of Extended Orgasm
for over forty years
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Ina laughing Winds

The Five Different Kinds of Orgasm
M.A., M.F.C.C., Educator Chuluaquiu Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality Teaching
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Sheri Winston, R.N.

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