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Sweetrocking is a safe, powerful, and curiously enjoyable way to enter a mutually resonant energetic current with a partner or client. It involves creating an “energetic system” together by the giver feeling into the receiver’s body structure and providing an effortless rocking motion. Think of it as a joyous and mindful body meditation into the flow of your mutual connection.

Sweetrocking - which can be performed on nearly any part of the body - can be used for healing, pleasurable connection, and to induce a state of relaxation or expanded pleasure.

Sweetrocking intro and demo (this is a trailer for a 1+ hour DVD to be released at a later date: HERE.  

Sweetrocking in Corte Madera, California: 7:00 Saturday March 19, 2016

Playshop at the Sunrise Center. For details and registration, click HERE.

$25.00 for the evening. This will be a practical, hands-on learning experience.

We will be offering a DVD Sweetrocking short course with narrated demonstration for $5.00.